eduroam Service Status & Monitoring

South African eduroamCurrent Status

Public monitoring information and limited statistics are available for eduroam in South Africa on The current status is summarised by the icon on the right.

When there is a problem, a warning icon will also be overlaid onto the masthead logo on this site. Hovering over this icon or clicking on it will provide additional information.

Institutional realms

As a courtesy, we also monitor the reachability of the various South African identity providers and make that information available at

As a shortcut, you can access a specific realm as (replacing the with the realm you're interested in).

The monitoring system tries to log in using a test account supplied by each institution, and reports as follow:

  • Green/access-accept means that we managed to complete authentication, and the test account would have been allowed to use eduroam at a remote site.

  • Yellow/access-reject means that we managed to connect to the identity provider, but they rejected the authentication request. The response we got was valid, suggesting that the problem is with the login rather than with the roaming infrastructure (RADIUS servers). This might be because the monitoring account we have no longer works, or it might indicate that the identity provider is experiencing a more general login problem. The institution's own monitoring or I.T. help desk may be able to provide more information.

  • Red/timeout means that we weren't able to contact the identity provider. This could be because there's a network problem or that the network provider's roaming infrastructure isn't responding at all. Either way, the login was never attempted. If you're seeing this response for your own realm, it is likely that eduroam will not work for you.

Login attempts happen via both South African roaming servers. In general, both should respond the same way — if responses are consistently different it likely indicates a misconfiguration.

A second set of checks happens, testing only the certificates supplied by the institution's identity provider. Where these return an error, users with properly configured devices may be unable to authenticate.

Institutional administrators can update the monitoring account and contact details we use. Technical information on how this is implemented and what you can expect are available for those who are interested.

Global Roaming

GÉANT monitor the status of the various national roaming operator and make that information available at This tells you whether the eduroam infrastructure in various countries is operating properly, but doesn't give you any insight into individual sites or identity providers.

Institutional administrators can perform additional reachability tests via