South African eduroam Policy

When linking to South African eduroam policy, please link to this page rather than to individual documents which may change.

eduroam in South Africa is governed by a national policy in conjunction with the global eduroam Compliance Statement and the eduroam service definition.

The current eduroam National Policy for South Africa was ratified by TENET's board of directors on 12 December 2012 and has subsequently had one amendment.

In addition, the eduroam service has a number of privacy notices and statements available:

Upcoming policy changes

With the advent of the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE), attempts are being made to standardise the policy framework for all identity federation services. The likely outcome of this is that the current national policy will be replaced by SAFIRE's standard Participation Agreement and an eduroam-specific technology profile. Work on the latter is currently underway, and this page will document changes in this regard.