Costs for eduroam in South Africa

Participation Fees

As a general principle, eduroam participants bear their own infrastructure costs (e.g. RADIUS servers and wireless network). 

Around the world different eduroam roaming federations (national roaming operators) have different approaches to covering the costs of running the roaming service. This details TENET's cost structures for eduroam in South Africa, which may differ to other countries.

Fees for Service Providers (Visited Organisations)

TENET does not charge eduroam service providers a participation fee, and there are no recurring costs for participating in eduroam as a service provider in South Africa.

It is possible that in future we may introduce a once-off joining fee to cover some of the administrative overheads. However, if this were introduced, it would not be applied retrospectively. (Existing service providers at the time of its introduction would be exempt.)

Where service providers ask TENET to assist with integration, and where TENET is able to provide such assistance, we reserve the right to recover any additional costs we incur at our prevailing consulting rates. This would be negotiated in advance on a per-case basis.

Fees for Identity Providers (Home Organisations)

The annual recurring cost for participating in eduroam as an identity provider is calculated based on the technology profile as well as the number of full-time equivalent staff and students at the participating institution.

  • Institutions that subscribe to a basket of NREN services from TENET receive a 100% discount on this fee so long as they continue to receive that basket.

  • Non-profit or public benefit organisations that provide a reciprocal service provider receive a 50% discount on this fee.

A breakdown of the current fees for eduroam identity providers is available as part of the RADIUS/EAP technology profile of the SAFIRE website.

Managed IdP / Managed SP

TENET makes the eduroam managed IdP and SP services available at cost to eligible institutions. Since the costs are currently born by GÉANT, we make it available at no additional charge.